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  •  Bruce - No One Better! (none)
    Billy Bragg: 'Springsteen makes me keep faith in America.'

    Check out this fine conversation between Bruce and Nick Hornby:,13887,1527571,00.html

    Keep your eyes on the prize.

    by Better Days on Thu Aug 11, 2005 at 03:14:15 PM PDT

    •  Billy Bragg rules! (none)
      Yeah, Springsteen gives me hope too.

      I printeded the interview, the Salon article and the linked article about Ward 54. I NEVER stop reading stories about vets, no matter which war.

      My understanding is that the #1 factor in PTSD is having killed someone. From the government's cold perspective, it's better to send them back to kill again and again to continue to desensitize them, and personal consequences be damned. Too bad more young men don't understand the deplorable consequences of war. They should be forced to meet with vets who've been to combat before signing up (and we should be forced to see where our garbage goes, but this is all in an ideal world).

      To all the vets out there, you may think your country doesn't understand your sacrifice, but it does: just the people, not the government.

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