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View Diary: Retiring Gen. Byrnes Fired Four Days After Retired Gen. Irvine Decries Torture (110 comments)

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  •  To answer your question, hypothetically (none)
    (and I don't see any reason to believe that there's more to this general's story than what's been in the MSM)
    Using the male gender here--I know there are female generals, I just don't want to keep typing 'he or she' over and over
    Hypothetically speaking, if a general was going to retire and go political, he would hold off the political stuff because he has to be nominated by the Secretary of Defense to the Senate to retire at his current rank.  In other words, if GEN Smith pisses off the SecDef, he retires as LTG Smith.
    All officers in the rank of Colonel and above must be nominated by the SecDef to the Senate for promotion, and to retire at their current rank.  The Senate usually passes these promotion lists by voice vote.
    As a (semi)interesting aside, the only time general officer promotions have been held up in the Senate, where misconduct wasn't alledged (IOW, purely political reasons) have been by republicans, most recently in 1993-1998 when James Inhoffe, R-OK held up several Air Force general promotions in a snit over the BRAC-list.

    Wounded Warrior Project Give till it hurts. They already did.

    by soonergrunt on Thu Aug 11, 2005 at 11:19:36 PM PDT

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