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View Diary: Retiring Gen. Byrnes Fired Four Days After Retired Gen. Irvine Decries Torture (110 comments)

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  •  there's no way (none)
    this guy was fired because he was going to add his name to this list, especially if he was retiring in a couple months.  i don't know why he was fired, but this just doesn't do it for me.  he was a 4 star general, these guys don't just get fired.  

    it's a good thought here, icassandra, but I think it has to go deeper than this (not going to speculate cuz i really have no idea).  and i hope no one buys "sexual misconduct" or whatever they said.

    •  Army Field Manual on Intelligence Interrogations (none)
      is issued by TRADOC, Gen. Byrnes's command.  It presently forbids abusive interrogation.  I have read here (postings by RichardG, if memory serves) that there are now rumblings about revising that field manual to permit abusive interrogations, or at any rate to be studiously vague on the subject.  I wonder how Gen. Byrnes would have felt about such a revision.
      •  Yes, it is being revised... (none)
        to permit abusive interrogations.

        From the Washington Post article.

        "One McCain amendment would set uniform standards for interrogating anyone detained by the Defense Department and would limit interrogation techniques to those listed in the Army field manual on interrogation, now being revised."

        Washington Post

        The revision is according to other reports supposed to include abusive interrogation techiniques that were done in secret before. the new manual will be confidential.

        This guy may have been fighting the revisions to permit torture and maltreatment.

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