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View Diary: Retiring Gen. Byrnes Fired Four Days After Retired Gen. Irvine Decries Torture (110 comments)

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  •  Iraq troop strength criticism? (none) is reporting that Rumsfeld whacked him for that.
    Also, the so called 'adultery' occured during Byrnes legal separation.
    This is not tinfoilish to speculate about this situation since SOMEthing other than sexual misconduct got Byrnes tarred.
    •  it is tinfoilish to put forward a conspiracy (4.00)
      theory for which THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. Chiz.

      That doesn't mean we have to believe the reason given for Byrnes' sacking. A diary discussing why that justification does not stack up, or analyzing the suspicious firings of officers who challenged the WH policies, would be welcome and useful. This one is is most definitely a tin-foil diary.

      Plenty of people here who want to indulge in pure speculation ought to consider the consequences of recommending such a diary. It is bringing the site into disrepute. It demoralizes those who want to maintain a tradition of evidence-based analysis here. Maybe nobody else is noticing, but a lot of very fine posters and diarists have been slipping away as standards slip.

      It would be a sad fate for this site, to slowly drown in a sea of tin-foil.

      DSM Watch - Day 94: When will Bush and Cheney finally read the documents?

      by smintheus on Fri Aug 12, 2005 at 11:59:19 AM PDT

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      •  WashPost editorial 8/11/05: (none)
        Since today they stated in an editorial: "...if there is a justification, it had better involve national security at the very highest level."  
        So the Post is tinfoilish too for questionning this?
        •  They're wild eyed liberals, (none)
          you expected?


        •  Did you read my post? (none)
          What's with the sarcasm? I said explicitly--so that there could be no possible mistaking my point--that there is no reason why we need to accept the justification being given, and that analysis of the grounds for doubting it would be reasonable. That does not excuse offering a theory here about the real reason for the sacking which is supported by no evidence. That's a tin-foil diary, and Kos prohibitted them. You may not have noticed, but iCassandra recently posted some other tin-foilish comments that provoked dismay.

          DSM Watch - Day 94: When will Bush and Cheney finally read the documents?

          by smintheus on Fri Aug 12, 2005 at 03:01:46 PM PDT

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          •  Ban the over 150 recommenders (none)
            of this diary while you're attacking me.

            Why don't you list the iCassandra posts that 'provoked dismay?'so they can defend themselves.

            Prove that people left dKos because of conspiracy theories. There are many least 2 big ones in the last year that I know of...that people left because.

            Maybe you should get iCassandra to delete this diary.

      •  Recent exodus from this site: (none)
        Had a whole to do with pie, iirc.
        Prior to that:  SYFPH.

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