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View Diary: Michael Wolff on the Media and Rove (96 comments)

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  •  Miri, could not have said it any better... (4.00)
    .... the only thing I will add is, that the "leaders" of the Democratic Party, you know, Lieberman, Biden, Hillary and all the other weather-vane chickenhawks instead of standing up with courage like Cindy Sheehan and Paul Hackett allow the Culture of Corruption and Deception to continue.

    And at least half the American people walk around with blinders to the deceit and self dealing because they are emotionally tied to the propaganda of patriotism and family values.

    •  Those Dem Leaders Are Owned... (4.00)
      by the same people that own the media.  I like the idea of having senators named for their companies, like sports arenas...they should at least wear ads like bicyclists, etc.
      •  So True (none)
        Congratulations Mayan, that is the best shot I've ever read.  

        The fact is that The Republicans have gone so far because there is almost no Democrats in a position of power who is willing to call them on these acts.

        Every Democrat who holds a seat in Congress or the Senate has a website and not many of them look anything the post here at Daily Kos. Most of them look like there is a big love fest is going on in Washington D.C. If those websites looked anything like the postings of their informed constituents, then Republican popularity would be drastically reduced. If they were offering the reality of the situation to the less informed Democrats and the swing voters perhaps the Democrats would see sixty Senate seats in 2006 and an overwhelming majority in Congress.  

        Do we have any voice left with our elected officials or are the people who pay all of those lobbyists running around Washington D.C. the only citizens who ever get heard?

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