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  •  RumSpeak (4.00)
    The oddities of Rumsfeld's mode of expression will be one of the legacies of this period.  it used to be the stuff of SNL, but nobody finds it amusing any longer.

    It is late, late in the day for Rummie to finally be "absorbing" the situation in Iraq, when half the nation has been waving flags and offering dire warnings for the last two years to alert these dolts to the obvious downsides to this situation.   Now it appears that we've created "Greater Shiistan" and helped bury the progressive movement in Iran, leaving Iran far, far more dangerous than it was in previous years.  Absorb that yet, Secretary Clueless?

    It would be most interesting to go back and take a look at Rumsfeld's business career, to see how effective he was in leading his firm, as compared to how much effect he had by trading on his political connections.  In other words, was he an effective administrator, or just a glib and glorified bagman like Cheney was at Halliburton?

    •  I do miss the SNL when it (none)
      was good.  When Frankin was writing for it.  Now it really, really sucks.  I never watch it; it is obliterated by the Daily Show.
      •  SNL (none)
        Yep, especially when there is so much "fodder" for political satire lately. SNL's comments that they were focusing more on popular culture last season seemed odd when - as the Daily Show has so brilliantly shown - there is so much material out there.
    •  But, but . . . (none)
      as Herr Plotzenfuhrer Dumsfeld has said, "A lot of bad things that could have happened haven't happened [ - at least not yet]".

      The name is not the thing named, the map is not the territory. -- Gregory Bateson

      by semiot on Sun Aug 14, 2005 at 08:19:06 AM PDT

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