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View Diary: Wash Post: Is It Finally the Morning After? (18 comments)

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  •  Bush = America Defeated in the War On Terror. (4.00)
    An Islamic state is not victory.  Not in Iraq.  Not in the WoT.  It is defeat.  In both.  

    BL's cabal found refuge in Taliban Afghanistan, an islamic state.  (Which was created by BushI's abandoning them after the USSR cracked, let we forget.)  BL's cabal killed 3000 Americans to promote the rise of Islamic rule in Muslim countries.  His big nemesis in that part of the world was Sadam.  Sadam was a geopolitical bar to Iran and aid via the Bath party to a secular Syria.  A murderous monster, yes, but ask Kissenger about supporting (let alone tolerating) such for geopolitical purposes (and at least Sadam was in a box).

    So of course we remove Sadam and produce what any sane and sober analyst knew would be result of W's folly - an islamic Iraq (if not Greater Persia).

    Oh goody! Another islamic state that can repress women, teach its youth to hate the 'Great Satan' and its 'Christian allies' and, ultimately, become another brick in the victory of BL's ideology in the muslin world.

    And they will have nukes (actually they already do, Pakistan) and ICBMs.  

    Oh, I and the kids feel soooo much safer.

    And for this 1800+ GI's died and 20000 mained?!


    •  And Osama (none)
      wanted us out of Saudi Arabia and he got it.  The middle East is lost for a long while.  I think Isreal sees the writing on the wall and that is why they are pulling back from Gaza.

      A failed President= August 6 PDB, Bin Laden? DSM, WMD's? Abu Ghraib, Rove/Plame

      by Gator on Sun Aug 14, 2005 at 12:04:10 AM PDT

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    •  Bush = Strengthening the Axis of Evil (none)
      Iraq goes from being an independent member of the Axis of Evil to a ward of Iran, which is a much more pronounced foe of the U.S. than Iraq ever was, and an official sponsor of terrorist groups in Lebanon and elsewhere.  Iran not only gets to control southern Iraq and its oil, but it now can thumb its nose at the rest of the world and recommence building a nuclear weapons capability (just like the third member of the Axis of Evil, North Korea).

      An let's not forget that Bush took the U.S. at the very apex of its global military power, and destroyed its armed forces for decades to come, showed to the world how the most advanced military ever created could be defeated, bankrupted the country in the process, and neglected to deal with catastrophic long term problems like global warming and oil dependency.  This is a record for the ages - clearly the worst president of the U.S.

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