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View Diary: Wash Post: Is It Finally the Morning After? (18 comments)

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  •  You're right (none)
    For the USA to successfully export democracy it needs to be the primary focus of the mission and preferably not at the point of a gun.

    Bush ruined democracy in Iraq when it became his raison du jour for war.

    A failed President= August 6 PDB, Bin Laden? DSM, WMD's? Abu Ghraib, Rove/Plame

    by Gator on Sat Aug 13, 2005 at 11:59:58 PM PDT

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    •  For the US to export democracy... (none)
      we have to be a democracy ourselves.  One person equals one vote.  If the electoral college did not exist in 2000, we would not be having this discussion.

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