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  •  Bush is a blight upon our land (4.00)
    I agree that Bush's attitude is almost just about "me", but it's also about maintaining the Bush family fortune, about helping out the Saudi royal family and the bin Ladens, about helping his Middle Eastern and American friends profit from the creation of a war. They make the weapons, Bush creates the war to send the weapons off to for their use. It doesn't matter if the war is "winnable" (which it isn't) -- it only matters that the weapon manufacturing and oil companies can profit.

    To this end, the idea that we have the most selfish, arrogant President we've probably ever had in our history, is the most offensive thing of all to me. This is a President who has no interest whatsoever in the people of this country. He and this administration are a vampiric sickness, a sort of blight upon our land, and now the lands of others.

    It's so difficult for me to understand how millions of people are so easily manipulated by fear and so easily led to believe everything Bush and his cabal say, especially when it has been so overwhelmingly detrimental to our country and the quality of our lives.

    We're in year five of this Bush epidemic, and I'm optimistic that the end is in sight. I'm optimistic that Cindy's actions will sway enough people to do whatever is necessary to take back our country.

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