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  •  From a first-time "Cindy commentator" (4.00)

    I'm a regular dKos member and have, of course, been following your journey closely over the past few weeks. I haven't posted anything up until now because so many others here have expressed my support better than I could.

    I'm writing now just to let you know that, as a Jew myself, even if you had made the statements regarding Israel in the context in which the wingnuts are claiming you did, I'd still support you fully. One thing has nothing to do with the other, and given everything you've been through and are putting up with, I'd hardly take offense to a misplaced statement. I, like everyone, have said things in a fit of anger or outrage that I've regretted later on, and since you apparently never even made that statement, it's all the more of a moot point.

    Keep hanging in there; the tide seems to finally be turning (hope, hope), and while you're not the sole reason (and I can't imagine you'd want to be), you're an important part of it.

    •  Here here (4.00)
      Actually, I first read about Cindy's supposed quote on the Drudge Report (I scan through it every now and then to see what the right-wingers are lapping up). It wasn't a real article, just one of Drudge's home-grown descriptions that always end with "Developing..."

      At first I thought it was somewhat amusing as Drudge was really straining to dig up some dirt on Cindy and that was all he could come up with. [Sidenote - I'm Jewish too, and I've felt the need to defend some outlandish posts against Israel here on dKos and other blogs that either distort history or go beyond a reasonable level of criticism. But I didn't hold anything against Cindy, because firstly coming from Drudge the quote was probably out of context at best. And secondly, she lost her son, and in times of grief and/or anger people say things they don't necessarily mean.]

      But after a few minutes I got a little worried as I realized that now that Cindy is in the headlines, every word she says is going to be noted. She's in the spotlight 24/7, and any one little slip-up will be twisted out of context by Drudge and cronies. Given that it's been 10 days so far and this was all they could come up with, she's doing great.

      I actually would not suspect in the last if there are some planted moles at Camp Casey recording everything Cindy says, ready to use it against her. And furthermore I wouldn't be surprised if some of these moles pretending to be ultra liberals are actively trying to get Cindy to lower her guard and say something she'll regret.

      So anybody that goes to Camp Casey, please realize that you're in the spotlight and anything you say can and will be used against Cindy/you/us. (sorry, I spent awhile trying to pick which word to best end that sentence with and couldn't decide).

      And on an unrelated note, tonight I'm going to a vigil. This is my first real event, I've not gone to any protests or marches prior to this.

    •  Same here (none)
      Another dkos member who has let others show their support for you.  Now's the time for me to chime in too.  There are lots of people who don't say much who support you.  Remember, you represent the majority of Americans.

      Awareness of the local vigils is spreading too.  We're with you.

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