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  •  Houston Vigil (4.00)
    I signed up the other day for the single vigil here...tonight I checked and there are at least seven more, and almost half of them have filled up!!!! :) :) :)  Cindy and her supporters ROCK and ALL of us that are pulling for this will ROCK the shrub from his professional and overpaid NAP to wake up and SMELL DEMOCRACY in ACTION!!!!  My dear friend is in Iraq and I want him home safe and sound and sooner rather than later!!!  The INSANITY MUST END!  Peace will triumph!!!  Witchy blessings y'all!!!  Goddess and God bless and protect our guys/gals in uniform and help the Iraqi people to get through this!!!  We have one Earth, we HAVE to learn to get along.

    Hey, shrub - smile, Jesus loves you - the rest of us think you're an a**hole!!!

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