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  •  anti-israel? (none)

    To the right-wing...if you failed to crash,pulverize and eat Cindy alive know something for sure ...Cindy will be the vanguard for anti-war movement around the nation. Failing to stop Cindy NOW will eventually drag you to a zone where your smear-machines will stop working .

    the problem is, when someone disagree with this war, they are presumed to be either:

    a) Liberal,progressive or anything that goes with it
    b) Democrat
    c) Traitor
    d) People who forgot how it felt on 9/11
    e) People who love the terrorists

    people yelled at the anti-war movements and said.." owh,you hippies...did you forget 9/11? did you forget  how it felt that day? the towers tumbling down, the people dying, jumping from  burning towers,3000 americans were dead that day,in worst way... the great city, OUR BELOVED CITY,the pride of america- new york were burning....DID YOUR FORGET ALL OF THAT...? repeat:did you forget all of that? you guys are traitors,the reason why our soldiers' morale are low, you guys give the terrorist reasons to cheer...tell me, doesn't the world is a better place without Saddam?"..

    my answer: 6-8 years ago, when you  questioned Clinton for sending our troops to Bosnia/Kosovo , I  didn't call you traitors, I didn't demand you to support our troops, I didn't say you were with the Communist Russia,or with the killers.or with the serbs.

    Yeas, the world is a much better place without Saddam now, but trust me, the world will be a 100 times better place WITHOUT OSAMA.

    why aimed at another murderer when you should be aiming at THE murderer?

    the world kept mum when america attacked Afghanistan because I bet the world knew we WERE MAD and we were looking for justice.

    the majority of the world disagreed with the war on Iraq because they knew Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11. we of course didn't believe them,called them names, pinpoint our wealth.

    we told them to shut up or else we would tear down the UN building. we affixed " boycott France" in our bumper and swaggered our troops to Iraq and WON IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS.

    we became a 16-year-old spoilt brat who used 9/11 to justfity the war on Iraq. We justify the heinous murder of 3000 americans on 9/11 to ram into Iraq.

    but hey, why????????????

    liberating Iraq as part of winning the war of terror? are you sure? and if you did,or come that was not the primary reason you told me when I was cheering our troops.

    I am against this war not because I hate Israel,not because I am a traitor,not because I am an idiot, or part of the liberal-left conspiracy theory but because I realize that we are on the  wrong path.

    the war is questionable.I didn't question it to put american troops in great danger but because the war is soooooooo QUESTIONABLE.

    that's why in some way, I believe in Camp Casey.

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