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    I am always amazed at the thinking of wingnuts.So what if she kissed bush, that has nothing to do with the reason he lied to send us to war..You can like the guy, but want answers for his actions...I used to believe bush too when he said we need to kill iraqs because they had WWMD ,nevermind that we have them.china, pakastan, israel etc..I guess only the countries bush says can have them, but I believed him too just like cindy did ,after all, we never had a president that deliberty lied to send us into a war and kill all brown people..I wont believe him again ..This is not about cindy, she wants answers and all americans do too..I didnt raise my children so bush could kill them unnecessaryly.I didnt go thru all I did so iraqs could vote, or pay taxes so bush could give to india so they could get nuclear weapons. or halliburtion could steal billions....Congress and our media are not asking him why he fixed the facts (Downey memo), so cindy has to ask him..Cindy has given her sons life,  her marriage , ,walked in a ditch with fire ants ,to bush..He cant give  15 mins.Is this how he respects her sons sacrifice? One other thing...WHO MADE BUSH GOD, IT WASNT ME, WAS IT YOU..WHO DID THAT?  I will keep searching ,because evidently someone did..

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