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  •  What about Israel? (none)
    I agree that one of the very few beneficiaries of the War on Iraq is Israel...along with the American Military/Industrial Complex.

    So Cindy, it's partially true that our boys (and some women) are fighting and dying for the benefit of Israel.

    •  Head scratching, again. (none)
      It is hard to see how Israel benefits from having a Saddam controlled Iraq (quite predictable, judging from the near decade of quiet preceding Bush's invasion) replaced by what is emerging today in Iraq: an unstable, Shia dominated Islamic republic with close ties to Iran. But then, maybe I'm just not as far sighted as the neocons.
      •  Allies (none)
        All of our allies in the region would have benefitted from a secure and prosperous Iraq that was not led by Saddam Hussein.  This includes Israel, Turkey and Jordan, but also includes countries like Saudi Arabia, whose position toward us is overtly friendly, but -- I believe -- covertly hostile.

        I think the plan to invade Iraq included, but was not entirely predicated on, benefits that could be gained for Israel.  The Iraq invasion may have looked more favorable because it would remove one more enemy state from Israel's geographical sphere, but Iraq was not Israel's biggest problem in the region.

        Israel's biggest problem is:  Millions of Palestinians living on territory that a very substantial number of its citizens believe is part of the State of Israel.  No number of Iraq invasions would have changed this.

        So, it seems unlikely that the statements that we invaded Iraq "for Israel" is entirely true.  However, I think that increased security for what has become our de facto "number one ally" ...  Well, this probably had something to do with it.

        It's all moot now, though, since we did not create the Iraq that we thought we would create in the short period since the end of the war.  Maybe that prosperous, stable and Saddam-free Iraq is on some sort of distant horizon, but it sure seems unlikely now.

        "I would expect Osama to celebrate 911 with a concert, not us." -- DJ Adequate

        by bink on Wed Aug 17, 2005 at 10:08:56 AM PDT

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        •  Ariel Sharon.... (none)
          and his Neocon Cabal in America have said that the biggest threat to Israel is actually Syria. However, in the Project For A New American Century it states that the "road to Damascus runs through Baghdad".

          And the United States of America attacked, destroyed and now occupy Iraq. To me, that shows somebody's influencing US foreign policy to a huge extent.

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