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  •  Dear Cindy, (none)
      While it is easy for me to say let the right wingers write on, the only ones who are going to believe them are the same folks who still support the war.  
      I am so sorry for your loss, but more I am angry at the betrayal of some many young men and women of my generation.  I am the same age as your son.  The courage he had to say "if it is determined that we soldiers must be put in harms way, we will step into harms way to protect our country..." is something we all should aspire to.
      Please know that I am hoping to join you in Texas soon.  I have been left feeling ill each time I hear of more deaths in Iraq.  Please stay strong, and know there are millions around this country who whether they voice their support or not are behind you and see the greatness of what you are doing.

    John Thornton
    Angry 25 year-old male.

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