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  •  Kos you keep missing the point. (4.00)
    The man was getting blowjobs while running this country into peace and prosperity.  This is unacceptable behavior and the american people demand dignity and honor from the president.  Like you are seeing in Craw..I mean the White House today.
    •  who cares? (none)
      Will, I read your post and I have to comment. Listen, history has reported that the "favors" a president might receive while in office are numerous and often not things that the general public is drug in to. The Repubs. drug out whatever dirt they could find about Clinton and put it in th press and made it a national disater that he got a blowjob. Who Cares? Our economy was doing better than ever under Clinton's administration. No ONE was dying, least of all only members of the poor community, for any unnecessary wars. There were no war crimes committed and there were no administration members that were involved in TREASONOUS ACTS! So you tell me...why do I care if he got sexual favors in the White House?

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