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  •  As a native of Sarajevo (none)
    your comments brought some reflection.

    I love Clinton. I was at one of his rallies in 92, cheering him on. And although I thought he was an idiot to allow himself to be compromised in such stupid matter and ruin his legacy, I've always respected him and miss him terribly.

    That being said, the consequences of the NATO bombings there are still being felt by the people there, every day. What the war did to this once wonderful city is a tragedy, but the NATO war has caused the people to suffer even today.

    I was already in the US when the war broke out, but my family was still in Sarajevo at the time. It was horrible. The front line was right in front of the windows of my old apartment building. Serb tank would come every day to shoot at the executive parliament building. All windows went out the first day. People died on steets while taking out trash and trying to pick up some milk from the downstairs deli. They hid in basements, cooked on homemade fire, and learned how to make homemade bread because you could not go out for the fire of snipers getting you.

    After a lifetime's worth of work and dedication, my family, who has had roots in the city for a century and was a part of intellectual circles, has lost everything. All gone in an instant - your home, your savings, your life. It's all gone in a puff of smoke. hey were forced to flee for their lives and came to the US as refugees, to join me as part of family reunion.

    The senseless war, caused by god knows what, has changed the people's lives forever. I wait with baited breath to see the day Karadzic and Mladic will be brought to justice. I don't support death penalty, but those would be the definite exceptions.

    If something had only been done at the beginning. If someone had only not waited (or allowed) the tragedy to get where it got.

    When NATO got involved, it was almost too little, too late. The lives had already been shattered. The belongings had already been lost. But since the war, the rate of leukemia is catastrophically high. Not only do ordinary people get it, not only do SFOR troops get it, but little kids contract it a few years after birth. All sorts of strange flus and illnesses come around. People fall to "speedy cancer" (the first time I've ever heard of something like that in my life). In short, those consequences will be felt for a long time to come.

    No war is good. No war comes at no expense. Every war wrecks people's lives, their livelihoods, their futures, their dreams. You can have all the statistics you want. But when you come down to the level of real people who live at the place you just bomb, things get a bit more real. And one becomes a lot more apprehensive. And you start having a whole new appreciation and respect for those who are really able to conduct true diplomacy without firing a single bullet. For nothing else will prevent lives ruined and dreams shattered.

    Now back to regularly scheduled programming. :)

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