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  •  let's remember last week (none)
    Hey, I love exit polls just like the rest of you.  But let's not forget the lessons of last week.  Remember?  Dean and Kerry neck-and-neck in New Hampshire.  We'll be up late counting ballots.  LA Times exit poll had Dean ahead.

    You see where that got us.  Kos, you broke my heart that day!

    However, if the exit polls are right, then the big stories are Kerry's big wins and Edwards two victories.  Clark drops out in the next few days.  Joementum is done.  And someone will mention Dean doesn't get any delegates, but I think this story will be buried.

    But what do I know?  I didn't think the scream was that big a deal.  Dean is still someone people want to talk about!

    In a choice between Bush and Bush-lite, people choose Bush. So why now are people choosing Dean-lite over Dean?

    by Hiram on Tue Feb 03, 2004 at 04:09:49 PM PST

    •  Even if these numbers ... (none)
      Are pretty good, they really only show a very close race in OK. The early NH exits were way off on Kerry v Dean, but we're only talking about 3-4 points here.

      -- Rick Robinson

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