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  •  Though remember ... (none)
    Even if the these are better than the early NH exit polls, it's showing effectively a tied race. Any of the three could win OK.

    And where does Edwards go outside the South?

    -- Rick Robinson

    •  I'll go you one better (none)
      Time Zones people - S. Ca. EST, Missouri, Okla. CST, Ariz. - MST or PST.

      This is crazy.  how could they have 1 pm exit polls in Arizona when it wasn't 1 pm???

      This is shaky I think.

      •  it's a kind (none)
        it's a kind of exit push poll and Kos is participating in it.
        •  sheesh (none)
          Get over it guys -- it is what it is.  An early exit poll.  Kos just put it up -- he didn't tell you to accept the numbers as fact.

          Don't take it at face value - realize that AZ has a huge vote by mail system that can't be included in an exit poll.  Also note as kos did that these are rarely accurate at this time of day.

          They are up for politico's to just talk about - so again ...


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