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  •  Right (none)
    Absentee ballots good for Edwards and Clark, bad for Dean, because of the post IA & NH discouragement of Deanites across the country, when it became time to start filling out the absentee ballots for the 2/3 elections.
    •  Are you sure? (none)
      I was under the impression that the Dean in campaign in particular was focusing on getting its supporters to vote well in advance.  Even before Iowa.  But I'm not sure for which states this was.
      •  Early voting (none)
        I know early voting was encouraged strongly here in Michigan, because I was one of the "encouragers" as my local Meetup coordinator and also because we've been able to vote here since early January.

        I believe the early voting in most of today's states started after Iowa, or very shortly before it, if at all.  For example, I heard mention yesterday of one state (Arizona?) where balloting was permitted beginning the day after Iowa, January 20.

        Republicans are people who want to shrink government to the point that it can fit in your bedroom.

        by Sinfonian on Tue Feb 03, 2004 at 05:36:47 PM PST

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