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  •  VA/NC/etc (none)
    I live in Virginia, go to college in SC. Neither is in play... not even close.

    The Democrat will get mauled in the western part of the state (for the most part), and in the Richmond suburbs, and in Virginia Beach (largest city in the state pop wise), and in most of Northern Virginia (including massive Fairfax County).

    Mark Warner ran to the right of the Republican candidate on fiscal issues, and was mum on most social issues. He's at least as moderate a Democrat as John Breaux.

    If a Democrat wins VA or SC or both this November, no one will care. Because he will have also won 45 other states...

    •  NC (none)
      Oh, and NC will only go Edwards if he wins the popular vote nationally by a reasonable margin. If its a repeat of 2000, NC would follow Tennessee's example.

      In other words, probably won't be a swing state either. Only in play if its a romp.

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