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    After Dean went 0-2, he conceded these 7. So he's expected to lose them. It really doesn't count toward his record, per se. Clark spent lots of money, in fact, nearly all of it according to CW on this site, to win some today, and it's looking like he'll leave today without any wins and with no money. Dean still has money, and a strategy that uses his resources wisely.

    If, and I emphasize that "if," Clark drops today, where does the bulk of his support go? Edwards, a southerner? Dean, an outsider? Or Kerry, the veteran?

    Clark is really a combination of all three (which, yes, I'm sure you Clarkies will argue makes him the best candidate; I'd prefer not to get into that with all of you right now :D). Any thoughts? Someone should post a poll in a diary on this.

    Voting Preference: Dean, Edwards, Clark, Lieberman, Kucinich, Limp Noodle, Moldy Cheese, and Used Condom. ABK 2004: No one is entitled to my vote.

    by AEDem2004 on Tue Feb 03, 2004 at 07:04:11 PM PST

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