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View Diary: Grassley: Bush "listening to WalMart " on meth (32 comments)

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  •  But how many use it (none)
    If it's illegal, there's a sizable portion of the population that won't do it.  If it's legal, some of these people will.  I won't use narcotics that are illegal.  I do drink caffine, which is legal.

    Prohibition is different.  Alcohol was legal, but it was made illegal.  Meth has been illegal for my entire lifetime.  Thus its not taking something away, but rather, the continued disallowance of something already illegal.

    And I'm all for rehabilitation and needle exchange, but I also think we need laws that say "You can't use drugs" and real consequences if you break them.  What we define as drugs, that's a question for doctors and legislators.  Programs that help tread addictions as well as dissuesions from using in the first place are important, but in the end we need to stop drug use, not condone it.

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