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  •  Camp Casey Needs to Expand (none)
    Since people around the country are going out on candlelight vigils...they would have an even bigger impact if they targeted whichever liar or traitor in they adm is closest to them...and camped out in their street or marched. Including the CEO's of Halliburton and other war profiteers in this dirty business.

    Those in DC might head over to some congressmen's digs or to Rove's or Feith's house or Cheney's residence...those in NY might want to give uber neo William Kristol and his ilk a visit outside their offices. We all saw the little creep Nocak blow it a long time ago when he was approached by only one old man, not to mention how nuts he wnet on Tv recently. Hell I would love to picket Mr. "slam-dunk" Tenent now that he has left the CIA. A nice sign would be "You Get the Presidential Medal of Honor for Lying?" Powell should be given a nudge with a sign asking "Are you a "good" solider or just a yellow bellied "yes" man? Tell the truth about the Iraq crowd Powell"

    You gotta make it personal like Cindy did with Bush on his own "turf" ...make them ALL very,very shaky..get on their nerves...and watch the chickenhawks and minipulators blow their cool in front of the whole world.  If you take down this war's cheerleaders and underpinning minons, Bush's entire cast will collapse and his spoiled little boy shallowness will be even more evident

    They all talk tough, let's see how tough they are when the spotlight is up close and personal on them. It might be just me but if I knew I was a liar and was followed or subjected to a horde of citizens dogging my trail or front yard I would be extremely nervous. Can you imagine how insane the politicans would get if protestors showed up at their hometown residences?

    It's probably just one of my daydreams ..but they took our children, we have right to get in their yards and faces.

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