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    So Hillary agrees with Cheney while the Republican Hagel is at war with Cheney.

    hillary does not agree with cheney.  

    if you ask hillary right now:  is there al qaeda in iraq?  she will say yes.

    if you ask cheany right now the same question, he will say yes.

    this does not mean with respect to iraq they agree on much at all.

    if you asked dean or feingold the same question right now, they would say yes.

    and hagel is not at war with cheney.

    you may think i'm being a literalist asshole but these things are important to me.  i think people (maybe not you) do forget them in the heat of battle over what should be the democratic party message.  and i think there may even be some who agree with your statement above in both the framing AND literal context of this discussion.

    maybe you only meant that statement in a strictly framing sense of the discussion, but i wonder if this diary would resonate with so many kossacks if you were crystal clear about that.

    if dean or feingold (and i may very end up voting for feingold in a nomination) were nominated in 2008 i would trust hillary to fall in line and support dean, if she didn't, then she's Zell to me, she's joe lieberman to me.

    there will be, probably a few repugs running for election or re-election in 2006 who will disagree with hagel on pulling out of iraq right now, but hagel will support that candidate BEFORE he supports the democrat who would agree with him on iraq in a literal sense.  


    by BiminiCat on Sun Aug 21, 2005 at 11:45:18 PM PDT

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