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  •  it's what he says now... (none)
    now this is what he says when there's an election at stake that would have, actually, changed our course in iraq, this is what he says when the ass of a white house who he believes is disconnected from reality is on the line:

    Hagel in response to an ad by
    "I have never supported immediate removal of American troops from Iraq ... I have said that to withdraw from Iraq now would have catastrophic consequences that would ripple across a generation of Americans, Iraqis and the entire Middle East."

    Furthermore, in spite of his recent criticism about Bush administration policy in Iraq, Hagel said, "I have said I believe we can succeed in Iraq."

    you'll forgive me if, even though he is saying things that i would like to hear from more dems,... if i don't trust him.


    by BiminiCat on Mon Aug 22, 2005 at 12:03:44 AM PDT

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    •  Big deal (none)
      First, this propaganda about Iraq being part of the GWOT is indeed a Dick Cheney talking point. It's also highly acceptable to Democrats who are strong supporters of Israel, which in Hilary's case is more germane.

      Second, Hagel answers to his base. Hilary does not answer to her base. Are you surprised that the base doesn't like it, particularly on an issue where the stakes are so very high?

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