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  •  Can the 2008 talk stop? (none)
    Seriously.  People are talking about voting in the primaries and 2006 has not begun. Taking back the house and senate will allow for sopena power.  Everyone on DKos knows Cons are hiding something.  Kos has said several times Corruption is not a partisan issue and I agree.  However, If dems can prove corruption occured at the highest level of government I have no doubt Democrats would win in 2008.  No matter who the nominee is.  

    I also applaud Hagel for speaking out on the war.  However, People on Dkos who would vote for Hagel simply on what he said today are still voting Republican Lite.  What do you think Hagel is trying to do?  Same tactic Hillary is using to garner votes from the right.  Why would Hagel do such a thing?  In the end Republicans even christian conservatives will vote for electability.  For instance, Conservatives are licking their chops for Rudi to run and Rudi is Republican lite lite.  Why?  Electability.  

    One other thing.  People calling for Democrats to speak out are crazy.  Conservatives bet their political future on Iraq.  Consevatives should come up with ideas to fix the problem.  Not democrats.  If democrats start speaking out especially the democrats who voted for the war there is no doubt in my mind Cons would hold the vote to them.  Fact of the matter is Conservatives are in charge and Conservatives should make decisions.  Public opinion is changing without the help from democrats.  So why change the formula?  Especially for potential 08 candidates.  

    "Bush is a typical rich kid...will not take responsibility for anything"

    by givemhellHarryR on Mon Aug 22, 2005 at 01:02:02 AM PDT

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