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  •  History (none)
    I suggest you read some history books especially the Vietnam war and how the GOP won the politics of that war.  

    Vietnam war was very unpopular with the public. Democrats won the debate about the war. Unfortunately they lost the politics of it. Nixon won a landslide victory over truth telling George McGovern.

    You are naive if you think you win in politics by honesty. You win by smart strategizing. Nixon was a brilliant strategist. He managed to turn a disastrous war to his advantage. He was a crook and won a landslide victory against an honest truth telling war hero.

    Democrats need smart strategizing. Not childish emotionalism we are seeing here.

    The smartest thing they can do is stay out of Bush's way when he is self destructing.

    •  Total Nonsense! (none)

      McGovern did not lose because "he told the truth".

      He lost because the Democratic Party was split and a protracted convention fight decided his nomination; his own nomination speech did not occur on TV until 1pm (or early in the morning) when no one watched - talk about "no bounce"; his V.P. was smeared by the GOP and McGovern then bowed to pressure and replaced him (which made him look weak); Nixon & Kissinger lied and tricked the public into thinking that the Vietnam War was just about over anyway and a settlement was at hand; Nixon raised millions of illegal money and engaged in various dirty-tricks; and finally McGovern was just charisma challenged and not a talented campaigner.

      The problem, was not his message. By 1972 the majority of the Country wanted an end to the Vietnam War.

      Robert Kennedy would have won THAT election (had he been alive).
      Robert Kennedy would have won in 1968 with "the truth" as his message!

      You cannot possibly claim that "smart strategizing" means sheltering and protecting Bush from his National Security failures across the board, from: Sept 11 -to- Bin Laden being free -to- WMD fraud -to- kicking out the U.N. Inspectors -to- the Iraq Invasion -to- Torture Camps -to- a policy of endless bloodshed/occupation that is succeeding ONLY BY MAKING TERRORISM WORSE!


      Think Again!!

    •  What is lost in this talk (none)
      about strategizing the war is the question of what is best for the Iraqis. Is it possible that Iraq can get on with its life only when the occupying army leaves?

      The neocons will not give us our country back. If we want it back, we'll have to take it.
      --Lila Garrett

      by peacemonger on Mon Aug 22, 2005 at 04:20:10 PM PDT

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