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  •  They can NOW ... it's the future that's at stake (4.00)
    The point of those Bible-reading sessions is not to find support for maintaining the status quo, but for plotting future policies.

    These folks are out to fundamentally (no pun intended) change the nature of our government and our culture. They believe that is their mission in life.

    So it may be true that American women may not ever have to wear veils, don't think for a moment that these people don't intend to roll back the opportunities that women have in this country.

    As for non-Christians, well, if these folks get their way, they would need to be prepared to have Christian prayer in every school, a Nativity scene in every town square, and the Ten Commandments in every   public building.

    These Christian Warriors are not playing around. They are out to take over the country by legal means, and they mean business. They have a strategy, they have the passion, and they have the resources.

    They are at war with the rest of us. Problem is, THEY know that and we don't. We change, or our America is toast.

    •  I agree that the future is at stake (none)
      Absolutely.  I don't question the goal of neutralizing the absolutist fundamentalists and their cozy relationship with the Republican party (scarily, they close to ARE the Republican party).

      So I guess it is a question of tactics.  The statement "Christian Fundamentalism is just like Islamic Fundamentalism" is demonstrably false enough - look at the examples I cite - that this statement can end up having the wrong tactical effect - so we are summarily dismissed as loony for making it. Now, hey, what do I know about tactics?  Nothing.  But it is a completely simplistic statement.  If you had a grid with american fundamentalism beliefs in one column, and Islamic fundamentalism beliefs in another column, then you could have a 3rd colum with a "Yes" or "No" to see if there were the same.  

      Down the line, the "No"'s would way outnumber the "Yes"'s.

      That's all I'm saying...

      •  I agree (none)
        Yes, I agree that tactically it would not be effective.  It's too easy to make it seem ludicrous.

        The truth is scarier but more subtle. We need more than good bumper stickers and catch phrases to win these battles.

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