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  •  45 years ago (none)
    this country debated whether a Presidential candidate would allow his allegiance to his Church prevail over his allegiance to the rule of law in this country.

    Ironically, John F. Kennedy would be disqualified by most of the hierarchy of his Church, and vilified by the Religious Reich, if he were running today...

    "It's an unnerving thought that we may be the living universe's supreme achievement and its worst nightmare simultaneously." -- Bill Bryson

    by Cali Scribe on Tue Aug 23, 2005 at 06:27:43 PM PDT

    •  'xactly (none)
      The newer Massachusetts Senator JFK went out of his way to go to church every week, was an altar boy in youth, probably never had any affairs as the elder JFK did, held positions very much in line with the ideals of Catholic Church on poverty and not far off on war and abortion, and was still portrayed by the Santorum/Scalia wing of the church as a faithless, secular Catholic-in-name-only who must've not gone to church much.

      We can only imagine in today's much more GOP-controlled media how they'd see "the guy who cheated on Jackie with Marilyn Monroe."  I suppose we can extrapolate not just from Kerry but Kerry's Senate mate and the late former President's brother Ted.

      The GOP's "Catholic Stratege(r)y" is something I've been meaning to diary on and something Dems need to attack.

      "But the people of America have spoken, and they're saying they want four more years of Douchebag!!" -Family Guy Movie

      by BlueEngineerInOhio on Tue Aug 23, 2005 at 07:29:04 PM PDT

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        Its important to realize that the major divide in the US is between church and non-church goers (has the highest correlation to voting tendencies). And that is why abortion is such a big issue because you have evangelicals on one-side, seculars on the other and catholics in the middle. In general catholics would side with seculars (because they tend to be social liberals - support stuff like universal health care) except the abortion and gay rights issue pull them to the right. I wish I knew how to convince them that these issues are not more important than loving your neighbour (platonically of course), but it seems like the only solution is for the crazies to shoot themselves in the foot.

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