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  •  And they are infiltrating the millitary (none)
    This hit me the other night.

    If you wanted to turn the United States into the Sauidi Arabian social model, and Saudi Arabia represents the Neocon's Utopia in the tradition of Leo Strauss, you have to buttress the Religious state with a police state sanctioning capability.

    Saudi Arabia is the model: An Uber-Uber Class Uber-ales and a massive underclass that is placated and controled by the opium of religion.

    Religion serves as a moral force but it needs to be backed up by a police force.  A hammer, if you will. The military.

    I thought, gee, no matter what the Neocon's do, they cannot change American society. We are to free of a society and people would just walk away from their sillyness.

    The Neocon's cannot change our society unless they have a hammer, a military component to butress the religious component.

    Then if flashes into my head - and I remember, the religious intimidation at the air force academy.  

    The Neocon's are pumping the pipeline into that branch of the military filled with extremist wing nut fundementalist. (How did they manage to do that anyway?)

    When the revolution is complete they will be able to reinforce their control of us through the military and the Airforce will be first amongst equals amongst the branches of the military.

    I've been telling people to read "The Comming of the Third Riech" by Richard Evans to understand what we have been going through. And certainly it seems earily similar.

    Now, I am telling people to read "Shadowplay".

    "Shadowplay" by Clair Asquith advances the thesis that Shakespeare's plays were coded commentary speaking out against Prostestant Police state of Elizabeth I and James I's England.  

    While the English Reformation begins early in the 16th century, Until 1605 the vast majority of England was closet Catholics (according to Asquith). Indeed, Catholicism in England was apparently vastly different than that of the continent, prematurely reformed and intellectually progress producing a budding brilliant humanist civilization that was well wedded to the local society and thus little presure within society existed to reform. This is one reason why England could produce Henry VIII as defender of the faith.  

    All this came prematurely to an end when Henry the VIII couldn't produce an heir. The vast majority of Englishmen longed for and expected the indigenous ancient religion to re-assert it's head. But a small clique of protestants with their own version of Carl Rove, were able to bring about a religious revolution upon the majority that, in the end, took fully 150 years.  The catholic's had perhaps the better arguement as English Catholism was more developed culturally and intellectually than English Protestantism which itself was subject to Lutheran, Zwinglian and Calvinist branches, but the Catholics couldn't get their act together or find a suitable leader to their cause. Meanwhile the Protestant leadership slowly turned the screws of repression until the life of English catholicism was squeezed out and England was a police state.

    I don't intend to take a side on Religion in the English reformation, I could care less. The dynamics, though, is something we all care about.  

    I encourage you to read it. It is earily similar to our times.  Let Shakespeare be your guide. And we do need to get our act together, and soon.

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