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  •  abortion (none)
    It kills me that these Christian kooks are anti-choice when anybody who has ever actually READ the Bible knows that it doesn't say ONE WORD about the issue.

    The New Testament DOES talk a lot about helping the poor, the meek, the down-trodden. It is very likely that Christ, if were around today would be working for an abortion clinic, helping out poor women.  or a battered women's shelter. Or an AIDS clinic. Or would be at Camp Casey.

    I'm not a big fan of Christianity-- or Islam-- for that matter. But, the selective, self-serving "reading" that these guys, the Pope, and the TV fundies engage in is pure poisin.

    •  Actually the Old Testament does (none)
      It refers to what happens if a woman loses her pregnancy in the case of a dispute between two people and is injured as an innocent bystander. It clearly does not equate the fetus with a life.

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