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    The experiential side of Pentecostalism always seemed cool to me. Not that I wanted to go out and join them, but it seemed like a way to get outside of ego-centric consciousness.  But the way it interacts with beliefs seems to often be toxic.  It's almost as if it's a form of psychic crack, a too-easy way to get beyond ego-centrism.

    But, then, I have a met a few Pentecostals in my life who were truly loving, open, incredibly generous people.

    Evangelicals... well, even James Wallis seems to always have this low background hum of hostility to the likes of me going on in the background of everything he has to say--and I consider him a tremendous good influence overall.  (I am hard to categorize, a secular humanist for most practical outward purposes, but inwardly still the Unitarian teenager at heart who tries to see the value in every tradition--a task that's grown harder, not easier for me over the years.  Ghandi, King and Einstein are good spiritual representatives, to me.)

    As for fundamentalists... have you read Karen Armstrong's The Battle For God?  I think her comparative historical examination of different manifestations in Islam, Judaism and Christianity is extremely enlightening.

    p.s. I try hard not to know anything about Jessica Simpson.  It's hard enough work not knowing anything about Brittney Spears.

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