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  •  my email to the National Commander (4.00)
    of the American Legion. What the hell does this idiot think people are in the military?

    Dear Sir,
    I am outraged at the following:

    Speaking at its national convention in Honolulu, the group's national commander called for an end to all "public protests" and "media events" against the war, constitutional protections be damned.

    As a veteran who served 19 months in Vietnam and left some of his blood on the ground there I must tell you shame anyone whoever has ever put on a uniform of any branch of service to our country. When we took that step forward it was to protect the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. I was for the invasion of Afghanistan but I am totally against the war in Iraq. Iraq was not any threat to our country. We had the weapons inspectors on the ground. This President lied to us not about sex but about WMD's and the fact that there was not any connection between Osama and Saddam. This war in Iraq has made us less safe by not concentrating on the terrorists and has severely hurt the power of the military. The greatness of our country is that people can speak their minds and protest. I will be protesting this war in Iraq at every opportunity. I will write letters and I will do everything in my power to see to it that these incompetent, immoral, lying boobs who lied bald faced to us are impeached and sent to jail where they belong. As for you and people like you, try to stop me. I am an American, I fought for my country, and I fought for my right and the rights of others to speak out. And Bubba I will do so again. If you do not think so try and stop me. You had better come loaded for bear because when it comes to the Bill of Rights I will defend them with my life


    John S Lucas
    243 ASHC
    1st Aviation Brigade

    Change 10% of the electorate and we will have a landslide and a mandate.

    by Jlukes on Wed Aug 24, 2005 at 03:26:05 PM PDT

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