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  •  This is politics, man. (none)
    When they say, "Hey, these flower power crazies are threatening the welfare of our troops" we say,

    "No, they aren't.  

    The threat against our troops originates with the decision to lie to the American people and the world about the reasons to invade a country that was not a threat to our welfare or our freedoms.  This is especially aggregious because we had and have a real threat and we walked away from the fight that would protect our country in order to launch a war to serve the special interests that financed the president's election.  

    We are less safe and less free and more threatened and our military forces on the ground in Iraq are in harm's way because of the political desires of our civilian leadership to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the lives of America's finest.  These leaders are all men that were too cowardly to take up arms when called upon.  Their contempt for our armed forces apparently knows no bounds.  

    We welcome your assistance in confronting our government's leaders in their terrible misuse and abuse of our brave military men and women in uniform."

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