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View Diary: I am a pro-gun-control Democrat. (66 comments)

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  •  As a gun owner (none)
    I could argue about many aspects of this subject (e.g. gun control doesn't work, and in the end I don't care since this is a matter of individual liberty. If I am confronted by a murderer the assertion by some lab-coat that gun control reduces crime by X per cent is just not all that important.)

    But that's not really what the diary is about, so I'll address one reason why gun control doesn't "sell" for many Americans. It's the total gun ban issue. Almost any gun control advocate you talk to insists that's not what they're after; they just want "a few reasonable gun laws".

    Well. That sounds nice. But...

    I have never heard and can never get any sort of useful definition of the words "few" and "reasonable".

    This is not just a semantic point. It goes right to the heart of the matter. Most gun control supporters think it's completely unreasonable for me to own a gun, period. "You don't need a gun" they say. They call me "gun-nut", "wacko", etc. And despite the fact that the vast majority of them have no training in psychology, they snicker and say "it's a Freudian thing" as if they actually know what that means.

    And I'm supposed to believe that their idea of "reasonable" is anywhere close to mine?

    How do you gun control supporters feel about the District of Colombia's gun ban? Is that reasonable? If not, why don't you speak out against it? I would find you far more credible if there was a point at which you would actually oppose a gun control law..."wait, that's going too far".

    If you do think it's reasonable, why should I believe for one second that you won't find it reasonable for me too?

    Now, what's going to happen if you get your "few reasonable laws" and they don't work? Well, we've seen what happened with the Brady law; there were numerous attempts to "strengthen" it. So I have no reason to trust even a gun law that is reasonable as written; the "reasonable" will only last until the next session of Congress.

    I could ramble on but I'm sure the point was clear several paragraphs ago: I don't trust gun control supporters. I know, I know; I'm an "extremist". I don't think so. I obey the gun control laws even though they are immoral and unConstitutional, and I work through the legal system of our republic to try to change things. You say I should compromise? I don't think individual rights are up for compromise, and anyway compromise is a two-way street. You want me to give up something; what will you give up in return?

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