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View Diary: I am a pro-gun-control Democrat. (66 comments)

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    I am going to respond to some of these points (and other ones, such as the federal-versus-state and local argument) in another diary, which I hope to do in the next week or two.  Sorry it will take me that long, but I'm busy with a lot of work stuff at the moment.  And by the way, we have at least a few things in common, because I also enjoy every sandwich (as anyone who has seen my waist line will testify).  
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      Heck, we're not going anywhere (I hope!).

      I did want to take the time to say that I've enjoyed the civilized debate on this diary a great deal. It's a refreshing change from the norm for political discussions on the net (I say this as someone who still has an account at Free Republic, for some reason I haven't been purged yet.)

      BTW "Enjoy Every Sandwich" is a quote from the late Warren Zevon, who was asked on a talk show (Letterman? I can't recall) as he was dying of cancer, what life advice he had based on his experience. I know, it's just another variation on "carpe diem" but I found it touching all the same.

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        The Zevon quote is great; I'll have to use that myself.  Most people just know him for "Werewolves of London," as I'm sure you know.  

        What amazes me is that people are still reading this diary days after it dropped off the front page.  

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