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  •  Casey (none)
    I actually started pushing for Casey the day after the election when I saw his returns, and I was pretty much in stunned when Schumer and Rendell convinced him to run for the Senate.  He's going to be someone that should do a good job of reclaiming some of those Democrats who have voted for Santorum over the past 3 cycles.
    •  The Main Effects of Nominating Casey (none)
      1. Dramatically lower Democratic  turnout:  A right-winger like Casey won't give moderates and liberals much to vote for.  Being the lesser of two evils doesn't create much interest or loyalty for a candidate.

      2. An easy victory for Santorum: By discouraging Democrats from voting, contributing, and volunteering for the party in 2006, a Casey nomination would let Santorum cost to victory.  If the Democrats are stupid enough to nominate Casey, a marginal GOP seat will be converted into a cake-walk.

      Take Back the Democratic Party

      by fedupnyc on Fri Sep 30, 2005 at 04:53:54 PM PDT

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