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View Diary: Powell Circulated Memo on Air Force One / LA Times UPDATED (95 comments)

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  •  timeline (none)
    I went to browse through the Plame Timeline (sorry i can't remember how to link to dkosopedia articles) and it looks like Ari Fleischer was onboard and he received a call from Novak earlier that day.

    Maybe he fits in there somewhere.  Not quite sure where Rove is in this yet.

    This is like a game of Clue or something... I love it.

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    by Raven Brooks on Thu Aug 25, 2005 at 11:39:20 PM PDT

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    •  Ari was on the plane (none)
      but the NYT June 26, 2005 has this (scroll down, second article)

      One person familiar with Mr. Fleischer's testimony said he told the grand jury that he was not Mr. Novak's source.


      A White House telephone log shows that Mr. Fleischer received a call from Mr. Novak on July 7, 2003, but a person familiar with Mr. Fleischer's testimony said he told prosecutors he never returned the call.

      Mr. Fleischer was aboard Air Force One with Mr. Bush and several other senior administration officials as they traveled across Africa that week.

      •  Dan Bartlett was on the plane, too. eom (none)
        •  Bartlett (none)
          Here's what Fineman had to say about Bartlett in his July 17, 2005 Newsweek article.

          How do you publicly counter a guy like that? As "senior adviser," Rove would be involved in finding out. Technically, Rove was in charge of politics, not "communications." But, as he saw it, the two were one and the same--and he used his heavyweight status to push the message machine run by his Texas protegé and friend, Dan Bartlett. Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was sent out to trash the Wilson op-ed. "Zero, nada, nothing new here," he said. Then, on a long Bush trip to Africa, Fleischer and Bartlett prompted clusters of reporters to look into the bureaucratic origins of the Wilson trip. How did the spin doctors know to cast that lure? One possible explanation: some aides may have read the State Department intel memo, which Powell had brought with him aboard Air Force One.

          and this from Pincus WAPO July 27, 2005

          Dan Bartlett, the most senior communications strategist in the White House, has also told investigators that he did not know who Ms. Wilson was, according to a person who has been briefed on the case.

              Few if any reporters who traveled with Mr. Fleischer, Mr. Bartlett and the White House entourage that week have been called to testify before the grand jury. A background briefing during the trip in which Mr. Bartlett spoke with reporters and urged them to look into the C.I.A.'s role in sending Mr. Wilson to Niger has not drawn substantial interest from prosecutors recently.

               One source familiar with the case said Mr. Fitzgerald knew about the briefing but was apparently not pursuing it as a significant lead.

              A different person, who has been briefed on the investigation, said, "If Bartlett spoke to the issue, it was to suggest to reporters to inquire at the C.I.A. because it was the C.I.A. that had control of the issue."

               That individual added that Mr. Bartlett did not see the classified State Department memorandum.

              On Tuesday, Mr. Bartlett repeated that administration officials "are fully cooperating with the investigators in this process, at the direction of the president."

    •  This LA Times piece was diaried earlier (none)
      The original poster did an excellent, comprehensive timeline in the diary.

      Spread it around, but let's not do too many more diaries on the same LA Times piece, K?

      I am the federal government.

      by mateosf on Fri Aug 26, 2005 at 12:00:16 AM PDT

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    •  Then Ari resigns of course n/t (none)

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