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View Diary: Powell Circulated Memo on Air Force One / LA Times UPDATED (95 comments)

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  •  Proper clearance? What about 'need to know'? (4.00)

    Not to point the finger back at Powell, but just because someone has clearance to see classified documents, doesn't mean they should see it.

    I've had a Secret clearance.  And it was made very clear to me that if I have custody of documents, I could only share that info with someone else if two things are true:

    1.  Other person has proper clearance
    2.  Other person has a need to know

    It sounds to me like this memo (labeled secret, or top secret?) was being passed around the airplane like a bunch of 7th grade girls.  

    3 words:  w.t.f.?

    •  not to mention (none)
      that there are always going to be aides, family, etc. hanging around who are not cleared for such information.
    •  Square that (none)
      It sounds to me like this memo (labeled secret, or top secret?)

      I've heard Top Secret code worded, which would match up with the contents (intelligence agencies protect their sources very jealously, and this memo named sources).

      Take any handling requirements you've been briefed on for Secret, and quadruple them.

    •  That's exactly what I thought (none)
      when I first read this.  Just because someone else has a security clearance, doesn't mean they should have access to some classified information.

      Powell strikes me more and more as an idiot who went along with the "popular" crowd until he realized it was going to lead the country to its ruin.

      He should be ashamed of himself because he does know better, but ignored his conscience.  

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