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View Diary: New AP Poll: Iraq War Support 37%, Support for Dissent 87% (260 comments)

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  •  Armies are for killing (none)

    To the extent that the problems that we have can be solved with brute force versus negotiation, education or time, well, I am all for it.  Unfortunately, power and killing don't solve most of what is wrong with the war on terror.

    I am sure that you feel enobled by killing people and so called vanquishing an enemy that you think is responsible for the terror attack on 9/11.  You have probably killed a lot of innocent Iraqis and their children, making innocent people pay for crimes that not only they never committed, but no one in Iraq did either (for 9/11).

    While I generally respect service people, I will not under any circumstances respect what you are  doing now.  Its not your fault completely since you are being told what to do, but from your letter, you seem to think that its the right thing to do so must carry a part of the burden.  I believe that what you are doing is not only wrong, but putting your country in even deeper danger. It is also morally wrong. I quietly respect your right to an opinion and to enlist and carry out this mission, but I will not applaud you. I hope that one day you may actually "get it" but I doubt it.  

    One more thing.  You guys seem to think that by rubbing the flag in the nose of those of us who are against the war that somehow you can make us say that we respect you while abusing the faith that we had in our system by carrying out a wrong war.  Its getting old and thin for me and I am feeling less and less inclined to give soldiers anything but the most lukewarm acknowledgement. You said it - you are doing a job.  Doing the wrong job the wrong way and I dont feel inclined to pat you on the back for it.

    Stop Looking For Leaders - WE are the Leaders!!!

    by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Fri Aug 26, 2005 at 02:22:14 PM PDT

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