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View Diary: New AP Poll: Iraq War Support 37%, Support for Dissent 87% (260 comments)

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  •  you can stop now. (none)
    Ignore knowthings, OK. I will report him for rating abuse. He had demonstrated that he is culpable by stalking you and handing out troll ratings. I gave him a chance earlier tonight and this is yours. If he makes a statement that is truly unproductive, like jumping your case, you are right to rate it a 1. Just don't go slalking him just to downrate him. I actually gave you both 1's from an exchange you had earlier tonight. I think you have settled in as a community member in the last week and am glad you did. Buck up, ignore those who are persecuting you, and enjoy yourself.

    It"s about the accountability, stupid.

    by Tomtech on Fri Aug 26, 2005 at 08:55:51 PM PDT

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      •  That's KO (none)
        not mfk. You appear to be on a rampge against one user who wronged you. A man would get over it.

        It"s about the accountability, stupid.

        by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 07:57:09 AM PDT

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        •  he didn't just wrong me (none)
          go check the records on this twit. He's done nothing but attack people since he's been here

          I'm on a rampage against a troll who bitchs about people not enforcing the rules, and then abuses anybody who disagrees with him

          •  I have followed his record. (none)
            He is learning to be a constructive member of the community, while you are demanding an apology, unlike the others who were wronged. Don't be a Bush, even if you thought the war was worth it, can't you see it ain't worth it now.

            It"s about the accountability, stupid.

            by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 05:42:11 PM PDT

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            •  you CAN'T follow his record (none)
              he would have over 100 more hidden comments if he had not deleted those diaries

              respected people like eternal hope and others were treated to profanity laced screeds for offering good advice

              and that was in a diary written AFTER I found out about his trolldom

              this is classic troll behavior. they kiss ass to some people, post smarmy comments about praying for somebody to collect mojo, and then they go around writing troll droppings

              this asshat figured out that he could just delete the record if he confines his troll activities to his own diaries

              he lied about his ratings behavior, and when he was caught defending his abuse in the same thread, he deleted the threads

              he then proceeded to claim that "somebody" had coopted his user id and was responsible for the ratings abuse and the posts defending them

              this little fucker will go off again any day now, and I'll make sure you see it, OK

              •  I was involved in those diaries. (none)
                I know what he did. He made some mistakes last week. If he makes a trollish comment I will rate it as such. If he makes a comment that is not trollish and you rate it a troll you are violating community standards and that would be just cause for banning. Stop the personal attacks. RATE THE COMMENTS, NOT THE PERSON. HE HAS LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES, YOU HAVE NOT. Her is an example of ratings abuse, and stalking.
                Praying for you and everyone there today. (3.71 / 14)
                That was for Cindy and you rated it a troll. He may be still lying about the number of diaries he deleted. I know of two, and the excuse that he was asked to delete it doesn't fly because he was asked early in the thread, by me, to delete it. When it got almost 300 comments it should have stayed.

                It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 09:45:13 PM PDT

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                •  asdf (none)
                  The diary was over 400 comments at the end and the last one which was posted the following day was by me....asking him to apologize to everyone he had insulted....which he has not done.

                  Every post he has made regarding this issue has included a lie either defending his own vile behaviour with a lie or attacking someone else's version of things with a lie.   Those posts are rated 0 by me and justly so.   That is not rating the poster....that is rating the comment full of lies and bullshit.   If someone wants to lie to me then they'll get called out for being a "lying jackass" whether you think it deserves a 0 or not.

                  If you were there in the diary (which I don't dispute now that you've said so) offering reasonable and friendly advice to MFK....then you're also aware that dozens of people, including myself, went to great lengths to do the same.   What was received in response to the helpful advice was a torrent of insults in a fit of blind rage.   There has not been a single thing specifically apologized for.

                  His claim that he took it down due to being asked was a lie as once it was past the 200 comment or so mark there ended up being more comments demanding that he not delete it (including the last comment in the diary pre-deletion, mine) than there were asking to delete a longshot.   That's yet another lie.

                  MFK makes a habit out of lying which I would be fine with as he is a recognized and proven liar at this point.....but the fact that he has yet to apologize for the vile words he spewed means more to me.

        •  You haven't the slightest clue (none)
          what you're talking about.

          If you had been a part of the over 400 comments in the diaries he has since deleted from his history in which he flamed, lied about, and cussed out to an extreme degree hundreds of users on this site then you would.

          But you don't.

          MFK should be deleted from this site.  Period.

          •  I was a major part of it. (none)
            I posted at least ten comments, mostly showing mfk where he was fucking up. He has changed his tune since then and deserves a second chance.

            It"s about the accountability, stupid.

            by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 05:37:08 PM PDT

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            •  the song remains the same (none)
              what did his attacks on Janice Joplin bring to the discussion

              nothing but dissention

              by their fruits shall you know they

              he's STILL calling others liars

              6 diarys?! (0.00 / 4)

              I have deleted 2 posts. Stop lying. Both I have deleted I was asked to.

              "It's ok to be stupid if everybody else is."-Ms. Lady Evans by Redd Kross

              by mkf on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 04:07:06 PDT

              see for yourself

              can you admit that this "person" has a bad habit of accusing people of lying ???

              tlh lib was the one who proved fuckface's lies in the diary you read, and he doesn't forget what happened there

              so where is this improvment you allude to ???

              •  LOL (4.00)
                I guess Tom Tech got the apology that the rest of us are still waiting on.  That must explain the 0's he's given me tonight for calling out MFK for continuing to refuse to apologize to the 100+ people he personally insulted in his vile fit of rage lol.
                •  Tomtech is giving you zeros ??? (none)
                  •  Yes but (none)
                    I'm sure they were for the fact that I called MFK a lying jackass and a dumbass lol.   I'm surprised he didn't 0 the lying sack of shit remark I made.   Personally I woulda nailed that one before the others lol.
                    •  I rated him (none)
                      what I thought his comments deserved. There's a thought. How can anyone troll rate a comment that says he is praying for everyone at Camo Casey?

                      It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                      by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 10:41:27 PM PDT

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                      •  I've said it before (none)
                        THAT IS WHAT TROLLS DO

                        they post smary dreck to gain sympathy and mojo

                        I call it a "Brown Noser Special"

                        it is preying on the good intentions of others, and cheezing off the good will extended to a sympathetic figure here

                        the trolls just post a prayer, or a comment saying "I feel your pain" with the sole intention of gaining a few allies or mojo

                        it's a fucking con job

                        and I can't see why you would fall for it

                        •  Rate the comment, not the person. (none)
                          That's the difference between ratings use and abuse. If he starts using his T.U. status to unjustly troll rate you, or others, call him out or send Kos an E-mail.

                          It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                          by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 10:55:40 PM PDT

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                          •  I've already recieved a few zeros from him (none)
                            oh well, that is the life of a flame warrior

                            and I already HAVE called him out

                            all of my posts in his screed were especially designed to piss on his diary

                            I don't go whining to KOS with my problems, and unless there is a threat of physical violence, i don't bother Armando or the othr front pagers

                            this is what I do. I find trolls and I flame them. If it wasn't a troll, we wouldn't be here

                            I do this so that you and other respected diarists can post without being attacked by these asshats. If you just stand down, we'll flame this motherfucker out of here in a few days

                            he can make a new User ID and come back. This isn't life or death here

                            if he does come back, I bet ya I can spot him again. I've got his posting profile pretty much memorized by now

                            once again, LET THIS TROLL DIE, please

                          •  Looks like you may be right. (none)
                            when you said:
                            all of my posts in his screed were especially designed to piss on his diary
                            and from the FAQ:
                            trolls: people who post inflammatory articles just to get an inflamed response.
                            I found 4 comments he troll rated included:
                            it's a troll (2.71 / 7)
                            it posted 2 troll diaries in 24 hours, and now its trying to kiss ass...the little twit
                            unfortunatly, the troll...little troll muther f___,...the little prick
                            You have succesfuly become what you are fighting. That is the problem with wars. There were two other comments which would qualify as collateral dammage.

                            It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                            by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 11:42:01 PM PDT

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                          •  I treated his diary as GBCW (none)
                            I disrespected it just as I would any other troll droppings. I've already ponted out that I was after this troll BEFORE he wrote the screed

                            you keep on bitching at my actions, but did you ever stop to think if your own actions are really worth it ???

                            you're troll rating tlh lib, you're flaming eternal hope (for what I have NO idea). so you have actually allowed the troll to extend the war, and you're helping a known liar

                            How could we corupt you so ??? are WE disrupting you or disturbing you that much ???

                            why the sudden love for this foul mouthed lying piece of shit ???

                            I've had conversations with Armando and others about my flaming practices, and I've flamed trolls for Armando, even after Armando had forgiven the troll (and some people think that could never have happened)

                            I don't do much to contribute to this site, but my troll hunting skills have been useful in the past. I'm really good at this. If this wasn't a troll, I would have stopped by know. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck last night ya know

                            I am a mighty troll hunter

                            what's your excuse ???

                          •  I just love a good argument (none)
                            And I love the hypocracy
                            why the sudden love for this foul mouthed lying piece of shit
                            I love all creatures, someone suggested that idea a while back and I thought it was a great idea.

                            It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                            by Tomtech on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 12:00:38 AM PDT

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                        •  You are absolutely correct (4.00)
                          He has written diaries that were outrageously slanderous and full of vile insults directed right at specific members of this community.

                          They were deleted erasing any record of him having done so along with his hundred or so vulgar responses to our reasoned advice and his 400+ zeros.

                          He then goes and posts bullshit to garner 4's.

                          Scoop is set to automatically ban somebody at a certain level of 0's.  What he is doing is ratings abuse in reverse by beating the system in order to stay a member.

                •  I gave you one zero (none)
                  for a thoughtful comment titled "Hey Dumbass."

                  The boy made some mistakes, he has not apologized to me, but he has, on at least one occasion apologized, generally. I didn't understand why it was posted where it was. But that is not the point. He is trying to do better. I have followed this flamewar from the start and see no effort on your or knowthings part to end it. I think a public appology before the whole community will only drive your ego's and not be productive to the site. Anyone who read the deleted diaries know you all were exonerated and he was in the wrong. All I am suggesting is that you all bring the troops home and see if this results in a civil war. If he starts acting like a troll again he will be found out, if not he will become a community member. GIVE HIM SOME SLACK and he may hang himself, but I don't think so.

                  It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                  by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 10:39:17 PM PDT

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              •  He has a bad habbit! (none)
                Of accusing you. He also is overly defensive and that is what started the whole thing. His foul mouthed comments when he first started were deservedly trolled into hidden comments and then someone told him the three accused were responsible and he went defensive and wrote two diries which were deleted. One did get in the range of 400 comments. I, among others, asked him to delete the diary where I explained his error and defended the threesome. I found I was wrong because you had actually been using ratings abuse to troll rate non abusive comments. I did not discover this untill I looked into the comments that had not been hidden. Now you are stalking him. How can you troll rate a comment where he say's he is praying for Cindy and everyone else at Camp Casey.

                It"s about the accountability, stupid.

                by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 10:51:00 PM PDT

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                •  bullshit (2.00)
                  I could post you a time line of how it went down

                  Hollywoodoz ran afoul of this twit in the twit's first diary, and sallycat was defending oz when this twit launched a screed against her

                  Hollywoodoz realized that the accusation oz was making was inaccurate, AND OZ APOLOGIZED TO FUCKFACE FOR IT

                  then I found dickweed in a diary that was about enforcing the rules regarding duplicate diaries, and I tried NICELY to point out how bad that could turn out

                  I was informed that this twit doesn't respect his grandmother, even if she is older than him, and that I could just fuck off

                  a whole pack of TUs decended upon him, and we troll rated all of his comments off the board

                  he then deleted all the evidence he could, and wrote a screed accusing me and others of lying about him and conspiring with three people I barely know

                  you saw how that diary turned out

                  there is some evidence that there WAS a poster with a similar name that actually made the comments that the twit was accused of making, and I'm still looking for that guy

                  but fuckface's screed against Hollywoodoz was totally uncalled for. Oz apologized, and sallycat, who just defended oz against the twit's attack should have been recognized as being included within oz's apology

                  my case against this twit is totally seperate from that incident, and totally related to the "rules" diary

                  what you saw in the attack diary was similar to the "rules" diary in that the twit attacked ANYBODY who tried to talk sense into him

                  the attack diary was a repeat preformance, but I was planning to troll rate anything fuckface BEFORE I knew about his opus was posted

                  let this fucking troll die, dude, he isn't worth your time or your reputation. What has fuckface ever done for you ???

    •  Thanks. (none)

      "It's ok to be stupid if everybody else is."-Ms. Lady Evans by Redd Kross

      by mkf on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 12:12:16 PM PDT

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