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View Diary: New AP Poll: Iraq War Support 37%, Support for Dissent 87% (260 comments)

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  •  I was involved in those diaries. (none)
    I know what he did. He made some mistakes last week. If he makes a trollish comment I will rate it as such. If he makes a comment that is not trollish and you rate it a troll you are violating community standards and that would be just cause for banning. Stop the personal attacks. RATE THE COMMENTS, NOT THE PERSON. HE HAS LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES, YOU HAVE NOT. Her is an example of ratings abuse, and stalking.
    Praying for you and everyone there today. (3.71 / 14)
    That was for Cindy and you rated it a troll. He may be still lying about the number of diaries he deleted. I know of two, and the excuse that he was asked to delete it doesn't fly because he was asked early in the thread, by me, to delete it. When it got almost 300 comments it should have stayed.

    It"s about the accountability, stupid.

    by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 09:45:13 PM PDT

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    •  asdf (none)
      The diary was over 400 comments at the end and the last one which was posted the following day was by me....asking him to apologize to everyone he had insulted....which he has not done.

      Every post he has made regarding this issue has included a lie either defending his own vile behaviour with a lie or attacking someone else's version of things with a lie.   Those posts are rated 0 by me and justly so.   That is not rating the poster....that is rating the comment full of lies and bullshit.   If someone wants to lie to me then they'll get called out for being a "lying jackass" whether you think it deserves a 0 or not.

      If you were there in the diary (which I don't dispute now that you've said so) offering reasonable and friendly advice to MFK....then you're also aware that dozens of people, including myself, went to great lengths to do the same.   What was received in response to the helpful advice was a torrent of insults in a fit of blind rage.   There has not been a single thing specifically apologized for.

      His claim that he took it down due to being asked was a lie as once it was past the 200 comment or so mark there ended up being more comments demanding that he not delete it (including the last comment in the diary pre-deletion, mine) than there were asking to delete a longshot.   That's yet another lie.

      MFK makes a habit out of lying which I would be fine with as he is a recognized and proven liar at this point.....but the fact that he has yet to apologize for the vile words he spewed means more to me.

      •  The boy was overly defensive. (none)
        And vile in many of his early comments. But he is becomming a community member and learning.

        It"s about the accountability, stupid.

        by Tomtech on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 11:25:18 PM PDT

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