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  •  Et tu Kid Oakland Durbin? (none)
    WTF. Stuff like this makes me really think there is something to things like astrology. Apparently, we've been going through the person-shows-signs-of-balls-then-swallows-them retrograde for a couple years now.

    For the particular subjects that were covered in the diary yesterday, I would like to extend my heartfelt invitation for those people and things which frustrated you (and still frustrate me) to kiss my ass instead of yours, since you now feel so sorry for it. I'm not.

    And Biminicat is right. In a forum like this, dealing with subject like these - you do not apologize for speaking your piece without blowing your credibility. Whoever says something like this:
    Today America is being led by a man who cannot and will not apologize for anything, ever.

    I see that inability as a weakness, not a strength.
    ...more likely than not will not respect you in the morning even though they express their admiration for your willingness to clutch your ankles tonight (sorry for the visual there, but it does seem apropos).
    •  Hey. That was my quote. (none)
      And I have truckloads of respect for Kid Oakland.  It goes back a while.  I was lurking (non-registered) when he made his front page debut.

      My other comment on this thread spoke more to that.

    •  The apology is HOW he said it (none)
      not what he I said.  I do not take this apology to mean that KO does not believe what he said in his original diary.  He is merely acknowledging he could have done it better without insulting so many people.

      That is fine by me.  I accept his apology and respect our disagreements and his opinion.

      Jesus arrived in a black helicopter, confusing the local militia.

      by Delaware Dem on Sat Aug 27, 2005 at 04:52:52 AM PDT

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