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  •  A public apology, how rare, how wonderful. (4.00)
    Nonetheless, you did raise some important issues, K.O.

    Sometimes I think what Kos needs, is a Harry Truman-like editor, who will scan what he writes before he posts, and once in a great while suggest waiting overnight, or at least an hour before posting. This would be rare, e.g. for pieces where Kos expresses his anger at portions of the community. No doubt others have made this same observation of Truman-like restraint (but I couldn't find them quickly).  

    (For those who don't know the story, Harry Truman would write scorching letters when he was angry, but he would wait overnight to post them. And then he usually did not send them at all, or vastly re-wrote them. This occurred most often when a critic had savaged his daughter's artistic performances.)

    I'm not suggesting that angry outbursts are wrong, not at all. But they do more easily lapse into ad hominem assaults. Like so many things done in anger, the things wriyten that have roiled the community have been where the intent was excellent (though many might disagree with the argument), but the delivery is a problem.

    Other folks may need this sort of restraining voice, too - inside the head like Harry Truman, or somewhere. But among the leading lights it carries the most weight.

    As do apologies, from one of the best of our community. Thank you.

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