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  •  "I am your equal" (4.00)
    Cindy, I know what it is about what you're doing that's so gutsy, and why these thugs and goons hate you so much.  I see it in the way you call the president "George."

    You are having the temerity to say what Bush can't stand to hear from anyone -- "I am your equal."

    He sees himself as modern royalty, as entitled to expend the lives of some and the tax dollars of all the rest to further his personal interests.

    You are grabbing him by the tie, dragging him nose-to-nose and saying, "It ain't so, buster.  You aren't any better than me, you aren't any more entitled, your s*&t stinks just the same as mine, God doesn't love you more than he loves me, and you have to answer for your actions, same as me and anyone else.  In fact, you are my employee, and one who took on a sacred trust.  That demands more accountability than most."

    Of course he will not see reason on this.  The man is not intellectually, emotionally or morally capable of that.  I actually don't think other people are real to him at all.  But everyone else is seeing you doing it, and I think it's waking people up... "Hey, wait a minute.  That's true -- he isn't any better than her, or any of us.  He doesn't have a line to God or any special mysterious good reason for what he's doing, that we mere mortals cannot possibly comprehend... he's just a guy from a big oil family who got every imaginable break but isn't even particularly bright.  What in HELL is he DOING?"

    Bush can't stand this, and neither can his minions who try to shine in his reflected glory, and are both terrified by and drunk with his power, and that's why they're foaming at the mouth.  Deception cannot bear truth, cowardice cannot bear courage, and slavish worship cannot bear equality.

    Keep it up!  I'm sure it will get a lot uglier before it's over, but I also know that you draw on that which is much greater than yourself for strength, as true hero(in)es always have.  You have the massed love of all of us whose own courage you have inspired behind you as well.


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