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  •  Cindy, What Was Casey's Favorite Color? (none)
    Kind of a weird question I know.  But I got to thinkin that many causes know a days seem to have colors associated with them.  Example being the orange revolution in the Ukraine.  

    I thought it might be appropriate if everyone were to wear Casey's favorite color, assuming he had one.  Camp Casey people and all who support the cause could start sporting T-shirts and/or hats with Casey's favorite color.  Besides helping to differentiate us from the pro-war Bushies, a sea of people of all the same color has a dramatic effect on the TV screens and in newspaper photos.

    Just a thought you might consider.

    P.S. Kinda hope Casey favorite color was blue, not red.

    P.S.S.  Sorry if some of you might of noticed this comment before, but I thought it was a good idea that deserves some attention.  So I apologize to those who may be anoid.

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