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  •  Today's Chicago Tribune Editorial Comic (none)
    shows Mrs. Sheehan standing in the midst of a media circus with circus animals carrying protest signs "Bush is the real terrorist", clowns flashing the two-fingered peace sign, etc.

    "Mrs. Sheehan" stands in the midst of this saying "Why won't the president talk to me?"

    of course this is the right wingnut response to taking the protest to Crawford and aptly proves the point I've been making here all along.

    tbis is simply the wrong way to conduct the protest and it's against the wrong target.

    and it again proves that right wing warmongers are quite willing to shoot the messenger in the total interest of distracting from the real message, i.e. the message that Americans are being killed in Iraq for all the WRONG reasons.

    there's only one way to bring the giant down.

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