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  •  Excellent Perspective (3.90)
    and not shared by the opposition.

    Actually, what is happening to New Orleans is very partisan in nature -

    Al Gore takes global warming seriously and he understands that there will be domestic disasters as a result of the trend.

    It is also quite possible that Al Gore, as President would not have taken Louisiana's National Guard and put them Iraq, where they can't sandbag the levees of New Orleans.

    I know how men in exile feed on dreams. - Aeschylus

    by Patricia Taylor on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 09:37:49 AM PDT

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    •  You are correct (4.00)
      Perhaps you do have a point, but the effects are not partisan. This storm will not pick and choose who or what to strike based on political allegiance, and I suppose that was really the gist of my original point. And also maybe, just maybe, the storms we are now seeing wouldn't be so strong if so many in certain circles kept thinking all these years that climate change was just a "myth", and had done more to counter its effects.

      I'm not saying this storm coming now wouldn't be as strong as it is otherwise, but we are definitely seeing much stronger hurricanes the last few years, and I do believe that is in part due to the effects of climate change which is induced by human behavior. This storm surge should it reach 25 feet will be unprecedented in the history of New Orleans. So again, while I don't think of the effects of that as political in regarding what we will need to do to help these people, I do understand that it is political in nature regarding the fact that those who need to be there to do their job for our people, aren't there because they are too busy defending the corporate backers of Bush, and yes, that is wrong. Oh, and yes, life in America under President Gore...Reflecting on the fact that we never really had that truly does sadden me.

      •  Who claimed the effects were partisan? (4.00)
        Rather, the diary is examining the effects on all of us of a national leadership which has placed its partisan agenda over our well-being.  You'd better believe we're going to talk about this.

        I don't think our troops should be used for what's called nation building. - George W. Bush, 2000

        by GN1927 on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 10:31:55 AM PDT

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    •  Swamp lust (3.00)
      Even if the hurricane strength is a direct consequence of global warming (possible) New Orleans has been in trouble for a number of other unrelated reasons for quite some time now.  Sitting at the mouth of the mighty Mississippi was the city's reason for existence and now quite possibly the ultimate cause of its destruction.  Sitting below sea level with pumps running at all times and levees all around was too tenuous a situation to stay stable forever.  It was just a matter of time before something like this happened.  

      Of course I don't know exactly what will happen when the storm hits tomorrow.  But all data points to New Orlean's absolute worst case scenario come to life.  I'm not optimistic.  

      Well, the city will never really die - the tourist trade won't allow it.  I wouldn't be too surprised if it tried to go the way of Venice - though I don't think that would take, what with the gators and mosquitoes and the drunk students.  

      On that note, the dual purpose of the National Guard - emergency relief at home and emergency troop numbers abroad - has always been at odds, although their mission skills complement each other.  It's just too many demands at once - this could have happened on ANY deployment.  Civilians are going to have to take up much of the slack this time.  

      •  The point is "emergency". (none)
        To me that also implies a certain temporary and
        limited time frame.
        Not exactly what one sees in this Iraq debacle.

        Bring them home. Now.

        by nargel on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 03:32:43 PM PDT

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      •  It breaks my heart (none)
        I've spent a lot of time in New Orleans and it is one of the few truly unique cities in this country.

        It would be SO sad to lose 200 year-old landmarks like Napoleon House.

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