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  •  from the Louisiana National Guard site (none)

    We have more than 11,000 soldiers who serve part-time in one of the oldest traditions in America, the National Guard.

    So if 1500 are ready now, and 2500 have been called up... then is it safe to say that 7000 are in Iraq?  Are there more of the guard available who have not been called up?

    •  did some more poking around (4.00)
      and found a nice history of the Louisiana National Guard here.

      And a sample of the sorts of things that they have done:

      In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, the Louisiana Army National Guard opened its armories for two days to collect goods from concerned citizens. More than 500,000 pounds of medicine, water, clothing, food and personal items were collected.

      Task Force Aguan deployed to Honduras in February for New Horizons 99-2, a six-month engineering rebuilding exercise. The LAARNG led the exercise by repairing roads, bridges and culverts and building schools and clinics. Medical personnel also conducted medical exercises to provide basic care to the population.

      In April 1999, a tornado tore through the community of Benton in North Louisiana. The LAARNG provided security, clean up and debris removal support. The LAARNG also hauled 4.3 million gallons of water to several communities during droughts and more than 18 tons of day to drought-stricken cattle farmers throughout the state. the LAARNG launched a second Youth Challenge Program for high school dropouts and will conduct a Starbase Program for select New Orleans public schools. Finally, the LAARNG was recognized for an unprecedented 10th year in a row as one of the top three National Guard organizations in the Army communities of Excellence competition.

    •  Can Someone Help! (none)
      7000 of 11,000 in Iraq seems high to me.  That's almost 2/3s.  Can someone out there give us hard numbers of Louisiana Guard in Iraq.  Even if its only 25%, that could have a big impact on being able to handle the scope of the catastrophy that is about to befall this state.
      •  I've Been Looking All Day (none)
        for solid figures.

        I talked to a friend who was in the National Guard.

        She said the problem we're having finding hard figures regarding deployment is the same problem she faced when she was writing testimony in support of state legislation regarding depleted uranium exposure.

        No one could find hard figures, broken down by state, on how many National Guard have actually been deployed.

        It's hard to budget for the health and well-being of returning veterans because of this lack of transparency, apparently.

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        by Patricia Taylor on Sun Aug 28, 2005 at 06:19:44 PM PDT

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      •  This should help. (none)
        At the Yellow Dog Blog, they found the spot on the Pentagon site with those numbers.  Apparently 4,109 Louisiana Reserve and Guard troops are in Iraq.

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        by jem6x on Tue Aug 30, 2005 at 11:23:10 AM PDT

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